Trumeter APM - Advanced Digital Panel Meters

Kempston Controls is proud to offer the Trumeter APM range of Programmable Digital Panel Meters. A range of panel meters unlike any other, the Trumeter APM products have all been specifically designed for engineers to require a more effective way of monitoring and displaying data. Using the accuracy of modern digital panel meters whilst retaining all the advantages of traditional moving coil meters, the Trumeter APM range aims to meet your every need.

The Trumeter APM range gives the user precise control and accurate readings at all times. The digital display allows for immediate visual indication of critical parameters without the delay found in more traditional meters. No other range of digital panel meters can boast the quantity of features, or the quality of display available through the APM range.

The APM range is one of the easiest-to-use range programmable digital panel meters on the market. The scale and annunciators can be programmed to allow users to tailor the LCD display for their exact requirements, while the dynamic backlighting provides an excellent visual warning when a parameter is out of range. This is all user-customisable through the free configurator software.

Case Studies

Click on the images below to look at some of the real world uses of Trumeters APM range of panel meters.

Case Study A
Case Study B
Case Study C
Case Study D

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