Pressure Sensors

If you need to detect the applied pressure of gas or liquids then you will need Pressure Sensors. The measured output from a pressure sensor out is converted into an electrical signal which can be utilised to display the amount of pressure applied. 

Pressure Sensors come in a range of variants including - resistive, capacitive, piezoelectric, MEMS and optical. These can broken down into further sub-categories such as Absolute Pressure Sensors, Gauge Pressure Sensors and Differential Pressure Sensors. Pressure sensors are used in many applications across a large range of industries including industrial process control, automation, medical, aviation and marine. 

Kempston Controls stocks a select range of Pressure Sensors from market leading brands such including SMC, Baumer and more. Give our dedicated sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or use the contact form above to discuss your Pressure Sensor requirements.

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