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Electrical and Electronic Components Distributor

Kempston Controls was established in 1940 as a specialist distributor of American manufactured components. This business has been developed over the years to service the needs of a much broader audience, and through the careful choice of franchises, Kempston Controls has become a specialist technical distributor of electrical components, with an enviable reputation for stock and service.

The company occupies a 1850m2 site at Rushden near Northampton. This central location has made it possible for us to become a leading national distributor to the electrical industry. Orders can be taken over the phone via our very efficient telesales department, by fax, by e-mail and online. We can deliver all goods using a next-day service, and we aim to despatch all orders received before 4pm, the same day.

As well as being a National Specialist distributor of control equipment, we are also a leading manufacturer of Supply Monitoring equipment and Electronic Sub-Assembly. Our manufacturing facilities give us the added benefit of being able to offer value-added services, such as cable termination, final assembly and the testing of electronic devices.

Our strategic vision is to gain market share using new selling and marketing techniques and embracing new technologies. We always aim to give an unsurpassed service, and constantly look to improve.

Sensors Team

The sensors team are currently a team of 5 who work internally and we specialise in all different areas. Within the team 3 of its members have been in the industry for more than 20 years each so have a lot of experience and knowledge of a large range of suppliers and products. We cover all standard products which include Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric and Ultrasonic sensors.

Within the sensors team we have good knowledge on Safety with team members who have worked with safety products for a number of years and are Qualified machine Safety Experts.

We also cover limit switches, Encoders, Pressure, level, and flow sensors, temperature sensors, and more recently into our portfolio are valves. We can offer alternative products or products from descriptions, with the range of products we have we don’t just offer a solution we offer the best solution we can.

Fuse & Control Gear Team

The Fuse and Control Gear Team have a huge wealth of knowledge and we have specific team members who specialise in many different areas of expertise within the industry. With manufacturer trained backgrounds and many years of experience they can identify and replace the legacy products still found in the workplace. In many cases manufacturers will refer customers to our technical team due knowledge they hold in the components industry.

The team also keeps up to date with the latest technology for new applications ensuring that we have the expertise and knowledge when called upon to be able to answer any questions and queries with the speed and confidence required by our customers.

Our Fuse specialists can advise on use and replacement of everything from sub miniature to Medium Voltage Fuses. The Control gear products from Push buttons to complete control panel requirements are supported by a team of engineers.

Field Sales Team

The field sales team are based all around the UK in locations that allow us to provide our customers with local support. They are there to be called upon to provide both technical and commercial assistance and can visit with you whenever required.

As a rapidly growing organisation we are always adding new franchises to our portfolio, or launching promotions on ranges of products that can bring additional revenue for our customers. The external sales team will ensure you are regularly updated with these developments so you don’t miss out on any of these exciting opportunities.

Embedded within the team we have very experienced application Engineers; these team members can advise on product selections for specific applications. They will be able to assist you with stock consolidation, critical spares, obsolescence and can also call upon any of the manufacturers we distribute for to attend any site for application assistance.

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