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Schneider Process, originally Foxboro, became part of the Schneider-Electric group in January 2014 as part of the Industrial Automation division.

The Foxboro business was established in 1908 and the Eckardt product was established in Stuttgart in 1873. The names Foxboro and Eckardt combined make them world leaders in the field of process automation with 245+ years of experience in measurement and control.

pressure measurement

Schneider Process offers a wide range of transmitters including Differential Pressure, Gauge Pressure, Absolute Pressure and Multivariable all proven in thousands of installations. Available in a wide range of materials including but not limited to Stainless steel, Tantalum, PVDF and Gold Plated while also offering a wide range of chemical seals ensuring they’re suitable for a wide range of applications.

What’s more, Schneider Process instruments are supplied with a 5-year warranty as standard and are accurate to ±0.05% of span for added peace of mind. Each pressure transmitter is available with a choice of outputs or protocols including HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Low Voltage, 4-20mA and are in some cases are ATEX, IECEx & SIL Certified.

A popular instrument is the S-Series of pressure transmitters which boasts a 100 ms response time, time-in-service history, FOXCAL parameters and 11 stored calibrating lines.

flow measurement

Schneider Process has a wealth of experience and innovation in flow measurement and offers four technologies of flow measurement: Magnetic, Vortex, Coriolis and dP Flow. Each providing a plethora of accurate, reliable and worry-free flowmeter solutions.

Introduced in 1954 these Magnetic Flowmeters are a reliable range of instruments providing a low cost and economical solution to a variety of applications. With approximately 2.5 million units installed worldwide the Magnetic technology is field-proven to offer stability and maximize the availability of flow measurement.

Coriolis Flow Transmitters provide highly accurate mass, density and temperature measurements without skipping or stalling (± 0.1% for liquids & ± 0.5% for gas). The Coriolis range starts-up in industry-leading times and is capable of 2-Phase flow measurement. Designed to be rugged and robust, the Coriolis family isn’t influenced by external vibrations to handle measurements that cause other meters to fail.

Vortex Flowmeters are industry-leading meters available to meet a wide range of applications and specification. With no moving parts and supplied with a lifetime warranty and are equipped with dual measurement capabilities and an LCD configuration screen. The Vortex range is available with a choice of outputs and build materials and provides class-leading accuracy: ±0.5% of reading for liquids and ±1.0% of reading for gas and steam.

level measurement

With the option of three technologies (Buoyancy, Radar and Pressure), Schneider Process offers a wide range of level transmitters suitable for a variety of process applications.

Schneider’s intelligent buoyancy transmitters are designed to measure the level, interface or density of liquids based on the Archimedes buoyancy principle. With remote configuration and monitoring through a PC or HART terminal or by using the local keys, Schneider’s buoyancy transmitters are suitable for a wide range of application including hazardous areas and SIL applications. Containing no moving parts, they are also accurate to ±0.2% and can perform in a temperature range of -196C to +400C.

The LevelWave Radar Series is state-of-the-art measurement technology combined with a robust, quality materials. As standard, each device has a unique 360-degree rotation, which allows for side or top mounting ensuring simple installation, even in an existing space. To ensure maximum usability, LevelWave instruments feature an external display. This lets the user configure with ease or within a distance of 100 metres, configure remotely.

e-chem & wet analytical

Schneider Process offers a variety of Sensors and transmitters designed for a variety of applications and currently manufacture and supply versions for pH, ORP, ion-selective electrode activity, conductivity, resistivity and dissolved oxygen. Intrinsically safe and easy to use, the range is ideal for a range of industries and can be configured to allow dual sensor inputs. Highly accurate, the range of transmitters is easily diagnosed and allows for configurations to be saved and restored at a later date. 

Schneider Process’ high-performance temperature transmitters, sensors and thermowells are constructed with the highest build quality to provide a complete and reliable solution. With a range of communication protocols such as HART and Profibus, the range is ideal for any environment including ATEX rated zones and are IP66 rated. Either supplied with weatherproof aluminium or 316 Stainless steel housings, they’re also DIN-rail mountable and offer an accuracy of ±0.05%.

Ideal for a variety of applications including ATEX rated environments, Schneider’s robust and reliable valve positioners offer an increased lifetime due to their aluminium or 316 stainless steel housing. With fast commissioning using intuitive menus and large displays, they are also unmatched when it comes to stable and accurate control. Ideal for process industries in both hazardous and non-hazardous industries.

Kempston Controls, being an authorised Schneider Process distributor have access to the full range of instruments including Pneumatic and Multivariable instruments and the items listed above. For more information contact us on 01933 411411 or email us at to see how Schneider Process can suit your application.

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