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Customer feedback has always been a key part of our business here at Kempston Controls and we are committed to customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is the most important piece of the puzzle when we look to improve things and ensure that our service levels are always of a high standard.

Why reviews are important...

genuine customer reviews
Real reviews
Improved experience

Genuine Customers

Feefo reviews are authentic and impartial and can only be submitted by genuine Kempston Controls customers. Because of this you know that they can be trusted when considering them during the buying process. It also means that any feedback that we receive from Feefo will be available for the public to see.

No Manipulation

We will show all reviews whether they are good or bad. Feefo collect reviews independently and 100% of the reviews will be published. You can see the good and the bad and have all of the information before using our services. We have complete confidence that we will provide everyone with a great service but we also know that it is impossible for anyone to guarantee that everything will always go to plan.

Help Us Improve

We will use this feedback to improve by learning from what our customers say, and you can see it exactly as it happens! Any feedback whether it is positive or negative allows us to learn a little bit more about ourselves and about what our customers want and need. By submitting this feedback to us with Feefo you are allowing us to improve the service that we can provide you.

What our Customers are saying

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