Sensor Reflectors

Sensor reflectors are usually used in unison with photoelectric sensors, providing critical feedback functionality by capturing and returning the sensors light beam. Sensor reflectors are mounted in a position that allows the beam of light produced by a photoelectric sensor to be returned to the sensor’s receiver. If the beam from the sensor is obstructed, it alters the sensors output signal which can then trigger the required system response.

Sensor reflectors come in a variety of shapes including round and square, with multi-faceted surfaces to capture and return the light beam produced by the retroreflective sensor. Sensor reflectors are available in a variety of designs and mounting types and they are usually matched to the specific sensor they will be operating with.

Some sensor reflectors are constructed of acrylic for regular environmental conditions, but, if the workplace is particularly harsh, stainless steel or chemical resistant reflectors are available.

Kempston Controls stocks a select range of sensor reflectors from market leading manufacturers such Turck Banner, Balluff and more, designed to suit whatever your photoelectric sensor reflector requirements are. Give our dedicated sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or use the contact form above to discuss your sensor reflector requirements.

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