Heatsinks are a thermal conductor, often referred to as a heat-exchanger, designed to absorb and dissipate the heat created by electronic, electrical and mechanical devices. Heatsinks use convection, conduction or radiation to disperse heat and come in a wide range of styles. 

Heatsinks are typically constructed from copper or aluminium as they are both excellent thermal conductors, copper being the most efficient but also the most expensive. In operation they will radiate heat through a number of metal fins which provide a greater surface area for the heat to spread across and dissipate. Components and devices subject to too much heat can become irreparably damaged and in the most severe cases overheating can result in fires, explosions and injury. 

Kempston Controls stocks a select range of Heatsinks from market leading brands. Give our dedicated sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or use the contact form above to discuss your Heatsink requirements.

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