Kempston Controls Electronic Components Distributor of Panel Essentials

Panel Essentials

Kempston Controls brings you Panel Essentials, our very own brand electrical components, devices and everyday component parts that you need to ensure your electrical equipment never lets you down. We bring you a comprehensive range of BS1362 fuses, called PLUGTOP, designed to fit all UK standard plugs in all the popular amperage ratings: 1A, 3A, 5A, 7A, 10A, 13A, available in a range of blister packs or in bulk boxes of 100. We also stock a contractor fuse kit containing 180 fuses including standard UK plug, 60 fast acting and 90 slow blow glass 5x20mm fuses in a vast assortment of amperage ratings and individual cartridge fuses.

For those illuminating moments, we have a range of switched and unswitched LED links lights, a DIN rail mount multifunction timer, power cables and a range of accessories to match. Ideally suited for anyone wishing to work safely in areas which require portable or fixed illumination, supplied with two powerful magnetic brackets for easy installation. Our Panel Essentials range is always expanding with new innovative product solutions being added on a regular basis so be sure to check in and see what’s new.

Kempston Controls was established in 1940 and we have decades of experience in helping panel builders, electricians and installation engineers successfully complete their retrofitting and machine installation projects. We firmly believe that with our experience and excellent distribution network facilities combined with our position in supplying products to the control and automation industry means we are perfectly placed to help with all of your electrical and mechanical panel building and installation needs.

Check out the full Panel Essentials range below.