We're pleased to announce the acquisition of Eaton Electric’s Holyhead facility. The plant manufacturers Eaton’s MEMSHIELD 2 range of MCB’s and accessories plus their Cutler Hammer Cranes products. For all enquiries related to these products, please contact us.

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The company that was to become Panasonic was created on March the 7th 1918, when Konosuke Matsushita started a business called the Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works with himself, his wife and her brother. By the end of 1918 Matsushita had designed a new style electrical plug and socket which proved so popular, by the years end the new company had 20 employees.

Featured Panasonic Products

Within four years this small business had grown to employ over 50 people and now had its own factory, adding bullet shaped battery powered bicycle lamps to their range of products. In the decades that followed the company created electric heaters, irons and radios, refrigerators and televisions which all proved very popular. The Matsushita company continued to flourish, producing countless products for both industrial applications and the more familiar consumer items. In January 2008 the company officially changed its name to the Panasonic Corporation unifying the brand name as ‘Panasonic’.

Today, and always at the forefront of innovation, Panasonic’s brand covers a vast array of products, from household appliances, batteries, solar cells and automotive products, to state-of-the-art production process and control equipment to mention just a few. Kempston Controls, as a supplier partner, stocks a comprehensive range of Panasonic industrial process and control products including sensors, light curtains, digital timers and so much more.

Some of the Panasonic products you will find at Kempston Controls

Photoelectric sensors
Proximity sensors
Digital timers
Light curtains
Through-beam sensor
Flow Sensors
Fibre Optics
Electronic counters
Servo drivers

Whatever your application, from monitoring the speed of a conveyor, measuring the location of machinery and tooling to ensuring personnel are kept safe from harm, Kempston Controls will have the ideal Panasonic product solution to meet your specific requirements.

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