Kempston Controls Electronic Components Distributor of DEBOX


Debox by Hylec is the easy to use, no hassle junction box. 100% screwless terminal block! The Debox is completely new and redefined cable junction box that speeds up installation without compromising quality. Complete with everything you need, all in one place. Now Debox is available as two different models: screw and totally screw less type. As easy as 1, 2, 3

Here at Kempston Controls we are delighted to be an authorised distributor of T.I.S products in the UK! We can offer the full range of Test Instrument Solution products including multifunction testers, clamp meters, PAT testers, lockout kits and much much more.

Kempston Controls are pleased to be able to offer the Debox by Hylec and all it's variants! The Debox lets you complete a fully compliant installation without the need for screws.See the full Debox range below.