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Kempston Controls are proud to announce our unique range of multifunction counters, available in 4.3 and 7-inch touch screen variants.

The touch screen counters boast a range of possible features, all of which take just seconds to configure due to our easy to use setup pages and self-explanatory definitions.

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Our intuitive touch screen shows only the features you need, all at the press of a finger.

Change targets and start jobs quicker and easier than ever before, using onscreen keyboards and number pads which pop up when you press any of the changeable fields. At the push of a button, switch between meters & feet, ideal for customers who export to the US market.

Two indicators show relay states and the entire screen will change from green to red when your target is met.

Access into some settings and features are pin-protected, preventing any accidental or intentional tampering. Two 4-digit pin-codes allow different levels of access and both numbers are easily changeable within the administrator settings.


Our length measuring system has the capability to read resolutions as low as 0.25mm at up to 6m per second.

Our innovative dual wheel encoder features a spring mechanism to ensure contact with your material which can be adjusted easily during the instillation or any time after. This prevents slippage of your product under the wheels, whilst not damaging your product when at the correct adjustment.


Giving you the complete picture at a glance with a colour LCD display and 25mm high digits. Increased control and clear visibility of current count and daily or accumulating total. Easily track the speed of your current job to keep on top of your production schedule.


With the addition of the HMI-RS232 communications output and a choice of printers you now have the additional ability to connect up a ticket or adhesive label printer and provide your customers with extra certainty that the product they are receiving has been measured accurately to the length they ordered.

A vital tool for cut-to-length applications or for storage of your product in its measured lengths. Quickly and easily identify product from stock with a length and your own customisable references, along with the time and date the product was measured.


Connect to your network, tablets and smartphones using the HMI-ECARD ethernet output to feedback information and keep you up to date on the current job status anywhere in the factory or externally.

Using free software for PC, IOS & Android, gain absolute visibility of all your counters within the group, their status, as well as the ability to individually access and view in real time.


Utilize our two smart relays, for triggering an alarm to alert an operator when time is nearly up (programmable in the settings to your desired value) or activate a slow down to stop when used in tandem with a motor inverter.

Final relay to stop your process or activate a cutter, the counter can be reset on screen, or reset on a time delay after the process is complete or reset externally using a remote input.


Ready to go as a complete plug and play solution, with our innovative dual wheeled encoder, fully wired into an ABS enclosure ready to wall-mount & start running.

We can also provide customised solutions to bespoke applications. Get in touch for more information or to let us know what you require. See what the TITAN can do for your business.

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