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Pizzato Elettrica was founded in Marostica which is situated in the province of Vicenza, in 1984 and rapidly established itself as one of the leading European manufacturers of products suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications, including emergency stop buttons, limit switches, safety handles, safety modules and much more. All of these products are ideal for industrial production process control and automation installations and for applications such as elevators and escalators.

Featured Pizzato Products

By the 1950s Balluff had expanded their machining business further by producing rocker arms, gear levers and other automotive engine parts. It was in the mid 1950s when they began their foray into sensory technology with the development of the BNS cam switch closely followed by the non-contact BES inductive proximity switch.

With 5 factories dedicated to the research and development and creation of a market-leading industrial safety and process control products and with a dedicated testing lab, Pizzato continues to be at the forefront of innovative ideas and product solutions such as the unique P-Kube Krome Safety Handle. With a portfolio of over 8000 technologically advanced products, all proudly made in Italy, Pizzato is bound to have the safety and process control products you need for your next installation or retrofitting project. Kempston Controls, as a supplier partner of Pizzato, stocks an impressive range of Pizzato products.

Just some of the Pizzato products that you can get from Kempston Controls:

Whatever your industrial automation and process control or workplace safety device requirements Kempston Controls can source whatever Pizzato products you need, contact us to discuss your Pizzato Elettrica product requirements today.

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